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Costa Rica DentistA Guide to Choosing the Best Dentist in Costa Rica for You:
You are faced with major, overwhelmingly expensive dental work. You are considering coming to Costa Rica to save thousands of dollars. Lets not forget that although Costa Rica is a stunningly beautiful country, with truly wonderful people and a perfect climate, it is a foreign country. As you review the websites of Costa Rica dentists you will see 'before and after' photos, glowing patient testimonials,smiling staff photos and promises to save you the thousands you came down for.

But wait. Websites are for marketing. The question is can they PROVE what they advertise?
Yes, you want to save money but not at the expense of safety and a good dental outcome.
Photos and testimonials are interesting but prove nothing about the quality of the dental work.
What you want are FACTS that you can verify. Here is what you want to investigate:

First. Where were they educated... and what are their credentials? If you had a choice would you want your Costa Rica dentist to be trained and educated in the US or at a institution in a second or third world country you cannot quantify? Are they a reputable Costa Rica Dental Tourism dental profesional?

Dr. Mario graduated as a Specialist in Implant Dentistry, University of Miami School of Medicine, Center for Dental Implants, FL, USA. 1992 – 1994. He later earned his advanced degree as a Specialist in Implant Surgery and Reconstructive Dentistry, University of Miami School of Medicine, 1995. He later served as Assistant Professor, University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospitals Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. In 1996 he returned to Costa Rica as the FIRST licensed implantologist in that country. Over 9000 Costa Rica Dental Implants later...

Second. Are they licensed.... to perform dental implant surgery? Its unfortunate but there are dentists, usually general practitioners not dental surgeons, who do dental implants but are not licensed. Hence the price to good to be true. You may roll the dice but remember, using a unlicensed dentist you lose the manufacturers warranty if the implant(s) fail. Ask whatever dentist you investigate to scan and email his license to do dental implant surgery.

Note: Be sure to ask that that dentist, and not anyone else, will be doing the surgery. Dr. Mario does all his patients surgery and his certification is always available on demand.

Third. Do any US insurers... or US government agencies recognize and approve your Costa Rica dentist? Recommendations are nice but if they all come from people and organizations located in Mexico, Central or South America how does that help you? What is the value they offer you in making a decision? Frankly, not much. Are any of the dentists you are researching, part of a US insurers network of dental providers? Dr. Mario is. One of the largest insurers in the US has vetted and selected Dr. Mario as one of only three dentists in Central America to be chosen as a international provider. Finally, Dr. Mario is the only Implantologist in Costa Rica that has been recommended by US State Department officials. Contact me for the official US government and US insurers websites to review and confirm.

So, its not about marketing its about facts.
Whatever you do stick with the facts.

Take a video tour of Dr. Marios new dental facility.

When you conclude please contact me, Charlie Dennard, on my local US number 678.736.4136 for a free initial consultation and to answer any questions you may have. I am an American citizen and after 6 years working with Dr.Mario, I have become one of the top facilitators of Dental Tourism in Costa Rica. For 'a perfect smile with a perfect price' contact me for up to 60% saving with Costa Rica Dentist, Dr. Mario.

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